In Vino Veritas.

Aug 31 2008 Published by Benito Vergara under Uncategorized

Setting: Express checkout lane, Safeway.

Woman at register [eyeing my bottle of 2006 Coppola Pinot Noir]: Now, sir, are you buying that because you like drinking it, or just to taste it?

Me: I’ve never had it.

Woman: How do you pronounce that? Cop-PO-la?

Me: Well, he pronounces it COP-pola, but back in Italy they probably pronounce it Cop-PO-la.

Woman [smiles]: That’s what I said! So why this bottle?

Me: Oh, me and a couple of friends of mine are watching a movie about him tomorrow night.

Woman: About his wine?

Me: No, about a movie he made.

Woman: He’s a winemaker and a director??

Me: Yup.

Woman [shakes her head]: Man. Sounds like someone oughta make up his mind.

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DVD Tag.

Aug 20 2008 Published by Benito Vergara under notes

Total Number of Films I Own on DVD And Video:

A lot. The number of DVDs I have that are still in shrinkwrap is embarrassing.

The Last Film I Bought:

Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Wages of Fear. My justification was that the Criterion edition just went out of print.

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Apocalypse, Again.

Aug 18 2008 Published by Benito Vergara under notes

The dominant discourse about the Vietnam War (and Apocalypse Now), particularly in terms of its incorporation into the American Narrative, is that it’s the Great American Trauma, unhealed like Maya Lin’s black scar cut into the earth. While this is true to a certain extent — there is no denying the fact that working-class kids of all colors were sacrificed for the defense of freedom and Western civilization — it’s also accompanied by much bleating about America’s supposed loss of innocence. The ghosts of the war still loom over every foreign policy decision since; it is perhaps unfortunate that they don’t haunt American politicians more persistently.

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