Michel Gondry, Video for Kylie Minogue’s “Come Into My World” (2002).

Sep 26 2010 Published by Benito Vergara under notes

Come Into My World

Oh to live in a world populated by endless Kylies, in all their pink and light blue splendor, blonde curls forever tossed by the wind, a bombshell calmly oblivious to the chaos blooming around her, duplicate upon duplicate, doubling and redoubling into infinity. Or it may be some sort of cursed recursion, a tangled loop where Kylie after Kylie after Kylie proliferate uncontrollably, a world into which you may not want to come: Kylie, eleison. In his feature films Gondry has shown an interest in repetition (the joy of repetition really is in him, as Hot Chip once sang), about the possibility of eternal return, but it’s in this video – shot in fifteen takes, a disappointingly finite number – where the idea sees its clever visual fruition. (It’s also my favorite Gondry work so far.) Or perhaps it’s a sly comment on the world of celebrity: the steady accretion of public personas amidst the media swirl, as omnipresent cameras stalk her in the streets as she performs the ordinary act of picking up her own dry cleaning, until she and we lose track of the real Kylie amidst the multitudes of Kylies, Kylie ceaselessly imploring you to lift her up, up, high upon your love, condemned to strut forever on an infinitely scrolling catwalk.

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